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Digital Marketing News Roundup – April 2017

26th April 2017

April has been and gone, and it turned out to be another month of big developments in the world of digital marketing.

We’ve had some of the biggest SEO and Magento development events in the world take place, Google announcing their plans to include an ad blocking feature in Chrome and a fascinating opinion piece on the demise of Instagram. There’s all that, and much more to come in our April 2017 digital marketing round up.

Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO is one of the most respected and influential SEO and content marketing events in the UK. Each year it draws scores of digital marketing professionals to listen to leading industry figures share their thoughts on the development of search engine optimisation.

This year there were talks from the likes of Barry Adams, Aleyda Solis, Tara West, Rory Sutherland, Raj Nijer, Anita Valentinova and many more. The topics of the presentations ranged from future SEO ranking factors, to automating SEO checks and optimising content for machine learning and voice search.

There was a huge amount of information shared, but luckily you can get access to it all over at the Brighton SEO site –

Google Planning Ad-Blocking Features in Chrome

The Wall Street Journal reported in mid-April that Google is planning to introduce ad-blocking options to its Chrome browser. While the alleged plans would not block all forms of online advertising, it would filter out any advertising that it deems to offer a bad experience to users around the web.

A number of commentators have already suggested that this is counter-intuitive of Google given that advertising is the primary revenue generator for the business. However, the move is a believed to be a defensive one with the business hoping to curb the growth in third-party ad blocking tools.

Will Fact Checking Change The Face Of The Search Results Pages?

In this post-truth world of alternative facts and fake news, fact checking and the authenticity of the news we consume is very much in the zeitgeist at the moment. This could be why Google announced in a blog post that they were introducing a ‘Fact Check’ tag into search results everywhere. The tag, which had previously been trialled in a number of countries, identifies articles that include information checked by fact-checking organisation.

Google Fact Check Results

Source: Google

Is Instagram Showing Signs Of Decline?

Here at Webtise we love a good opinion piece, and this month one that really stood out came from Melissa at the MediaMarmalade blog. Her post takes a look at the changing face of blogging, hinting at frustrations with Instagram due to recent algorithm updates restricting the visibility of content from genuine bloggers while accounts with artificially inflated followings reduce the value of what they do and exploit opportunities for financial gain.

It’s well worth a read, and really highlights the value of genuine engagement metrics over sheer follower numbers when it comes to working on collaborations.

Magento Imagine

Magento Imagine is arguably the largest and most important dedicated Magento event on the planet. Hosted annually, it brings together inspirational figures and ecommerce thought leaders to inspire and educate the wider Magento community. This year a number of significant product enhancement were announced, particularly to Magento Commerce Cloud which will see improvements to:

  • Shipping
  • Content management
  • Social commerce
  • Payments
  • Business Intelligence

You can find out more about the event here.

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