Group Information



Winfields Outdoors is a business with 8 stores across the UK, each boasting an impressive selection of tents, camping equipment, caravan accessories, outdoor clothing, outdoor gear and footwear. However, less than a year ago they didn’t sell anything through their website. They came to Webtise to change this.

We had to design and develop a profitable ecommerce website, develop content campaigns to showcase their level of knowledge and implement a PPC strategy that would instantly generate good results. Since the site has gone live the results have been incredible…

Result highlights

  • 57%

    Increase in traffic
    Q3/4 2016 vs 2015

  • 199%

    Increase in revenue
    Q3/4 2016 vs 2015

What we did

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliates
  • Development

The Designs


At the start of their SEO campaign, Winfields had very little organic search presence and any traffic coming to their site through the channel was heavily brand biased. Webtise built out a highly targeted keyword strategy and managed the site architecture and all other technical SEO issues to ensure Google could crawl and index the site effectively. We also revamped all on page content, and developed a content campaign based on seasonal keyword search trends to support traffic and link acquisition efforts. The careful management of on and off page SEO produced some excellent results.

  • 58%

    growth in new user traffic- 2016 vs 2015

  • 520%

    increase in keywords driving organic search traffic - Jan 2016 vs Jan 2015


The outdoor clothing, gear and accessories sector is highly competitive with well established brands employing aggressive bidding strategies on the most profitable keywords. Our PPC strategy needed to quickly identify the potential opportunities that existed in this landscape, while carefully managing ad spend to ensure Winfields was getting a healthy ROI. Here are some of the results we were able to achieve.

  • 90%

    increase in non-brand revenue – Q3/4 2016 vs 2015

  • 29%

    reduction in cost - Q3/4 2016 vs 2015


Prior to working with Webtise, affiliates were not a channel that Winfields were using. With this in mind, we split our recruitment campaign into 3 main areas, voucher code sites, product aggregator sites and product focused content sites. Vouches codes sites maximised Winfields’ visibility with savvy customers and focused on pushing high AOV items, while the aggregator sites have additional exposure to shoppers looking to purchase specific products, but were unsure where to buy them. The product focused content sites, were able to provide high levels of sales from audiences that were researching products heavily before they committed to the purchase and drove new customer sales and brand awareness. One of the biggest wins of the campaign was using sites like HotUKDeals to push stock clearances, managing to clear some lines within a matter of hours.

  • 18%

    of site revenue through affiliates – by month 6 of campaign

  • 148%

    affiliates signed on to the programme