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What’s My Claim Worth


What’s My Claim Worth is a claims company with access to a team of specialist personal injury lawyers. Visitors that enter the site can complete a ‘Claimometer’ form that will help them determine if they have a claim and how much that could be worth.

When What’s My Claim Worth came to Webtise, they were heavily reliant on TV advertising to generate brand awareness, as well as driving leads and cases. There were two main challenges that What’s My Claim Worth set Webtise. The first was to help them reduce their spend and reliance on TV advertising. The second was to improve the overall efficiency of their marketing investment.

The main focus of the activity for Webtise was PPC, and the primary goal that What’s My Claim Worth set us was to increase the overall volume of leads and cases, while reducing the cost of acquisition.

Result highlights

  • 70%

    increase in total case volume
    2016 vs 2015

  • 29%

    decrease in overall cost per case – 2016 vs 2015

What we did

  • PPC


Paid advertising in the personal injury sector is incredibly competitive. There are numerous well established businesses all bidding on the same high value keywords. This makes developing a campaign on a smaller budget very challenging.

What this meant was that Webtise had to be very diligent with budgets and keyword targeting, building out a bidding strategy that would send quality leads through to the site within the budget What’s My Claim Worth had set. Thankfully, our dedication to managing the account has paid off, and the results achieved have significantly decreased the amount of money that the client was spending on TV. This is especially beneficial with the impact of the PPC working being more measurable.

  • 42%

    reduction in CPA
    2016 vs 2015

  • 170%

    increase in lead volume
    2016 vs 2015

Here’s what Whats my claim worth have to say…

“We have been working with Webtise for 3 years now and together we have grown and developed our brand into what it is today. The team at Webtise are as passionate about our brand as we are! They continue to come up with ideas and changes that have really helped us and we look forward to the future.”

Liz Chapman – March 2017 –