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UK POS is a leading UK supplier of point of sale products and since it was established in 1989, has established an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of products that are of exceptional quality.

Webtise was tasked with improving online performance holistically. We were set very high targets but using our unique commercial process, we mapped out opportunities in areas that were under-performing. With some cost re-shuffling, we have gained ROI figures that have even impressed ourselves!

What We Did

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Digital Consultancy
  • CRM
  • Content Campaigns

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The Designs


Any time we start working with a new business, we take the time to understand their customers. This allows us to formulate a strategy that we know will work and will deliver results.

For UK POS, we recognised that the problem with their SEO wasn’t the volume of traffic coming into the site – but it was the quality of traffic. With this in mind, we identified the keywords that we knew would convert well and focused on getting traffic in through these searches that we knew would send converting traffic through to the site.

As you can see from the results, this really was a strategy that worked.

  • 41%
    Increase In Conversion

  • 49.85%
    Increase In

  • 10.15%
    Increase In


Paid was a channel that had the potential to be tremendously successful for UK POS. And in less than 6 months of managing the account we had nearly doubled their ROI through paid, helped by identifying a huge opportunity through Google Shopping.

Our eagle-eyed PPC experts noticed that UK POS was misspending in areas that didn’t convert well and therefore taking budget/ impression share away from the terms that did. This, plus our when our PPC & Magento experts put together an extremely profitable shopping feed they really started to fly.

  • 84%
    Increase In

  • 82%
    Increase In

  • 48.99%
    Increase In


Trading for over 20 years, UK POS has a huge amount of customer data that is gold dust to a CRM team. It meant that CRM and email had the potential to become a hugely profitable channel. However, when we closely analysed the way their previous email campaigns performed, we noticed that they weren’t always achieving a good level of engagement.

This meant we invested our time in better understanding their data, identifying user needs and building our strategy around that. The results were excellent and we saw much better interaction with the emails, sending high volumes of high quality and converting traffic to the site.

  • 13%
    Increase In

  • 35%
    Increase In

  • 24%
    Increase In


Let’s all be honest here – point of sale isn’t always the most interesting of subjects! However, we thrive for these type of campaigns as they allow you to be a little weird!

We had to take off our ‘standard’ thinking caps and replace them with our ‘lateral’ thinking caps. It proved to be the most aeffective way of creating relevant content that got clicks, shares and earned the brand links and coverage on the publications that we knew their target audience would be reaching