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Salons Direct


Salons Direct is a leading supplier of hairdressing and beauty products and equipment to the salons industry and beauty therapists. Already a well established mail order business, they had been trying to cultivate that same reputation online.
They came to Webtise with a new website in development and wanted to start working with a digital agency that would ensure the new site achieved maximum business value – making sure it would acquire traffic more effectively, and those visits would convert when they landed on the site.
Webtise was able to focus on building and managing tailored SEO and PPC strategies for the business, which have delivered some phenomenal results to support the launch of the new site.

Result highlights

  • 10%

    increase in revenue
    2015 vs 2016

  • 27%

    increase in ROAS
    2015 vs 2016

What we did

  • SEO
  • PPC

Here’s what Salons Direct have to say…

“The SEO and PPC teams at Webtise have done a brilliant job for Salons Direct. From consulting on the architecture of our new site to improve SEO performance to building us a PPC campaign that reduced cost and increased revenue, they have really helped our business grow.”

Danielle Jones – January 2017 –


The PPC brief provided to Webtise by Salons Direct was to focus on delivering an improved ROAS – this meant the team had to develop a strategy that was about efficiency rather than volume. In a highly competitive industry, this represented a number of challenges – primarily making sure the bidding strategy was built around revenue-driving keywords that would send quality traffic through to the site. Webtise excelled with this challenging brief, and has exceeded expectations on multiple KPI targets.

  • 15%

    increase in revenue
    2015 vs 2016

  • 23%

    improvement in ROAS


Despite working with another agency before Webtise, Salons Direct was not achieving the SEO results they needed. They wanted to work with an agency they felt would be able to better use the new site to acquire greater volumes of organic search traffic. The key objective was to rank for a greater number of high value category-level keywords that would drive significant levels of visits that were likely to convert into paying customers.
Webtise helped Salons Direct achieve this, providing recommendations on site structure based on keyword research, carefully managing technical SEO issues across the site, completely revamping on-page content and developing a keyword-centric editorial and outreach plan to support traffic and link acquisition.

  • 49%

    increase in organic search traffic – 2015 vs 2016

  • 65%

    increase in organic search revenue – 2015 vs 2016