Group Information

Porcelain Superstore


Porcelain Superstore is a retailer that sells a wide range of tiles in a number of different colours, patterns, styles and shapes. The business prides itself on the quality of its products, and the ease with which customers can buy the product through their website, offering samples as well as direct transactions.

They approached Webtise having recently rebranded and were looking to work with an agency that could drive quality traffic through both paid and organic digital channels.

Webtise developed a hybrid PPC and SEO strategy that would showcase the Porcelain Superstore range to drive both sales and sample orders.

Result highlights

  • 106%

    increase in traffic
    Jun 16 – Jan 17

  • 73%

    increase in sample requests
    Jun 16 – Jan 17

What we did

  • SEO
  • PPC


Although Porcelain Superstore had a relatively new website, they had created some very high quality editorial content and buying guides. As well as optimising category and product content to be aligned with a keyword strategy, we also optimised the editorial, which went on to play a key role in organic traffic acquisition. Through the changes implemented by Webtise, the content created by Porcelain Superstore even started to feature in the Google Knowledge graph. By ensuring the site and all content was compliant with search engine best practices, the site quickly outranked more established competitors.

  • 132%

    increase in organic search traffic
    Jun 16 – Jan 17

  • 125%

    increase in sample requests
    Jun 16 – Jan 17


We devised and implemented a bidding strategy that was targeted around generating sample requests. For the campaign to be successful, it required extremely diligent management to ensure that the highest revenue driving keywords were being targeted at the correct times of day to send the best quality of traffic through to the site. We also had to work intelligently to make sure that we helped Porcelain Superstore maintain the edge over the more established competitors that were also bidding aggressively on a similar set of keywords.

  • 65%

    increase in sample requests
    Jun 16 – Jan 17

  • 29%

    reduction in cost per lead/sample
    Jun 16 – Jan 17