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Miss Pap


MissPap is an ecommerce fast fashion retailer for women, offering everything from lingerie to loungewear, dresses and footwear. Having invested heavily in collaborations with bloggers and influencer marketing, the brand was generating a lot of interest with consumers. However, the performance of their other channels was not keeping up with the speed at which the brand was growing. They needed help from an agency with proven results and experience in the industry.

Webtise worked with MissPap to create an integrated multi channel digital strategy that incorporated SEO, PPC, content marketing, social advertising, email marketing and affiliates. The objective of the strategy was to ensure MissPap would grow sustainably across all digital channels, and that the rapidly rising interest in the brand would translate into sales through their website.

Having more than trebled revenue in 2016 versus 2015, the results have been phenomenal, despite the incredibly competitive nature of online fast fashion.

Result highlights

  • 299%

    Session growth
    2016 vs 2015

  • 377%

    Revenue growth
    2016 vs 2015

What we did

  • SEO
  • Affiliates
  • PPC
  • Emails


Managing SEO for MissPap presented a number of challenges. The most significant was that the website was built on a custom CMS, meaning technical fixes and updates to the infrastructure were a lot harder to implement. Despite this, a targeted keyword strategy was developed, with content marketing and outreach ensuring that the technical SEO fixes and on page content updates translated into improved rankings. Throughout the campaign, MissPap has ranked first in Google for some of the most competitive keywords in the fast fashion market, including ‘party dresses’, ‘over the knee boots’, ‘bodycon dresses’ and ‘thigh high boots’.

  • 273%

    traffic growth
    2016 vs 2015

  • 295%

    revenue growth
    2016 vs Jan 2015


The PPC strategy developed for MissPap by Webtise focused on non brand keywords. The campaigns we built out had to significantly scale investment via shopping and search channels, and with other well known brands competing for the same keywords, bidding and campaign performance had to be monitored extremely closely. Fashion is an industry we know well at Webtise, so we were able to make PPC hugely profitable for MissPap while beating the return on ad spend targets we had been set for the campaign.

  • 573%

    increase in revenue
    Q4 2016 vs 2015

  • 16%

    over delivery on
    ROAS target


In the fast fashion industry, affiliates can be a very profitable channel as long as the campaign is managed properly and the best quality affiliates are recruited to the network. The affiliate strategy we developed for MissPap utilised voucher code sites, but also high profile bloggers to share affiliate links when promoting MissPap clothing to their audience. Despite the challenges faced, Webtise were able to build affiliates into a channel that delivered more than 10% of all site revenue by the end of 2016.

  • 433%

    increase in revenue
    by month 12 of campaign

  • 13%

    of all 2016 revenue


MissPap hadn’t invested significantly in email marketing prior to working with Webtise, so we were tasked with providing strategic insight on how best to monetise, segment and grow their existing database and building the email templates designed by MissPap. By working closely with them on better understanding the behaviour of people that interacted with the brand via email, we were able to help them make big changes to how they managed their email marketing efforts, making the channel much more profitable.

  • 599%

    increase in revenue- 2016 vs 2015