Group Information

Julian Charles


Julian Charles sells luxurious yet affordable home furnishings to the UK market. Despite having an established offline presence, they wanted to ensure the brand was also represented effectively online, and in a way that effectively captured the true essence of their band.

They came to Webtise looking for help to maximise sales through one digital channel that was not yet being utilised – affiliate marketing.

Despite not always being a channel associated with more prestige brands, we were able to build a strategy that has maintained the reputation of Julian Charles as a luxury retailer while also making it a key online revenue driver.

Result highlights

Exceeded revenue targets in each of the first six months of the campaign

What we did

  • Affiliates


As a brand synonymous with luxury, we had to develop an affiliate strategy that would maintain and showcase the prestige of Julian Charles with new and existing customers, while also maximising the volume of sales driven through their website. By being very selective with the affiliates that were recruited into their programme, we ensured that the campaign was highly profitable while also cementing the reputation of the brand as an online retailer of incredibly high quality products. They are now at a point where 80% of affiliate sales come from new customers, not only making it a key revenue driver, but also pivotal in aiding the growth of this emerging online brand.

  • 10%

    of site sales through affiliate marketing – Q4 2016