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eCig Wizard


Ecigwizard is one of the largest stockists of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in the UK and Europe. They supply in excess of 600 independently owned vape/ecig stores as well as over 80 private white label e-liquid clients. They also have over 35 company owned and franchise stores all around the UK.

They came to Webtise for a rebrand, and to refresh their existing website away from the tired, templated theme that they had been using, and onto something bespoke that would truly reflect their new brand.

They also required a large Magento upgrade to get them onto the latest version of the platform, and also bespoke functionality to ensure their site was compliant with age requirement legislation.

Key stats: 10.84% increase in conversion rate

What We Did

  • Rebrand
  • Magento Design
  • Magento Development
  • Bespoke Functionality

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The Designs


Ecigwizard wanted to revitalise their brand and they came to Webtise for help. It had to be clean, captivating and make them stand out from their rivals in an incredibly competitive marketplace.

The team of branding experts in the Webtise design department invested significant time in working with the key stakeholders at Ecigwizard to fully understand how they wanted their brand to look and, also, what they wanted people to think then they saw the Ecigwizard brand.

They then went about developing this into something that the Ecigwizard team loved, and was the basis of the new website that Webtise went on to build for them.

Magento Design

The old Ecigwizard site was based on a template and while it worked for them for a time, as the brand grew it began to look tired, dated and no longer suited the direction that the brand was heading in. When the new branding had been signed off, Webtise started designing a mobile-first website with a bespoke template that would truly make Ecigwizard stand out.

It also had to offer a significantly improved user experience, especially across mobile devices. This was a key focus from the earliest stages of the design, and it ensured that the end result was something that delivered improved results as soon as it went live.

Key stat: 9.18% increase in avg. pages per session on mobile devices with new site

Magento Development

Ecigwizard required a significant Magento upgrade as part of their new site build. It would have to move up through several iterations of Magento to get to the latest version, and this required significant database work to ensure the site continued to work smoothly.

However, the update would result in significantly improved page speed, better processing in the backend and improved site security.

Webtise also had to develop a bespoke piece of age verification functionality to ensure the site was compliant with recently imposed legislation. This had to verify the age of a user without impacting the ease of checkout – it had to be quick, efficient and implemented with the minimum of fuss. Webtise hit the brief and conversion rates have improved significantly since the site has gone live.

Key stat: 33% increase in revenue since the new site has gone live