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Calais Wine


Calais Wine is the biggest dedicated wine warehouse in Calais. They stock a huge range of wine and beer, including many of the UK’s favourite brands all at exceptionally low prices.

When they came to Webtise, they needed a new responsive website that would have to be replatformed from another CMS to the latest version of Magento. It would also require significant levels of bespoke functionality and integration with a platform called ABL that would interlink the Magento platform, the till system used by Calais Wine and their in-store merchandising.

What We Did

  • Magento Design
  • Magento Development
  • Magento Integration

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The Designs

Magento Design

One of the main objectives of the new site was that it had to perform well on mobile devices. This was factored in heavily at the design stage, and every effort was taken to ensure mobile visitors would perform as well as desktop visitors. This included a UX overhaul with the categories and CTAs restructured to encourage better engagement and better quality usability on all mobile devices.

The results were phenomenal and the revitalised designs put together by Webtise have contributed significantly to the 202% increase in conversion rate seen across the site.

Key stats: 239% increase on mobile conversion rate on the new site

  • 239%
    Increase In

Magento Development

This was not only a Magento upgrade, but it was a complete replatform on to Magento. The implications of this were that all products had to be rebuilt to a new database format and this had to be completed to a very tight development schedule.

Webtise also had to build a vast array of CMS templates for Magento that could accommodate the content pages that Calais Wine had requested. This included an ‘Around Calais’ guide and recommendations for ‘Eating in Calais’ as well as local hotel recommendations.

Webtise also built a refreshed blog using a completely bespoke template that was integrated with Magento using FishPig. This has seen avg. time on the blog pages increase significantly since the new blog was launched.

Magento Integration

One of the most significant development tasks for Calais Wine was that the site needed to integrate flawlessly with a platform called ABL. The product prices in-store, as well as POS and other merchandising messaging, were dictated by the prices on the Magento website. ABL would allow these different facets to communicate, ensuring the process worked smoothly.

ABL also connects orders online with orders in-store. So when a customer places an order online, ABL communicates that order to the till system in the Calais Wine warehouse, and the order can be prepared and set aside for the customer’s arrival. Integration had to be perfectly implemented for Calais Wine to continue to offer a high quality of service – and it was. This has been reflected by the increased revenue generated since the new site has gone live.

Key stat: 108% increase in revenue since the new site has gone live

  • 108%
    Increase In