Group Information

Bows Boutiques


Bows Boutiques is an Essex-based fast fashion retailer. When they came to Webtise, they had built their online business successfully through Facebook advertising, and while this was performing well, the owners felt they were becoming too reliant on a single channel.
They wanted help from an agency with proven success in the fashion sector to help them diversify the range of digital channels driving traffic and revenue through their website. They also needed support to improve the performance of their Facebook advertising campaigns with competitors becoming increasingly active on that channel.
Keep on reading to find out how Webtise significantly improved performance through four key digital channels.

Result highlights

  • 276%

    increase in revenue – 6 months leading to November

  • 246%

    increase in ROAS – 6 months leading to November

What we did

  • Paid Social
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliates

Paid Social

When Bows Boutiques came to Webtise they had a well established Facebook presence that had been developed through early adoption of its advertising platform. However, as competitors had also started advertising through Facebook, it had become more and more difficult to generate a healthy ROI. Webtise was able to implement fresh segmented audience strategies for new customer acquisition, as well as looking for additional opportunities on Instagram. The results were exceptional.

  • 576%

    increase in revenue – 6 months leading to November

  • 590%

    increase in ROAS – following implementation of new audience strategies


Bows Boutiques had almost no organic footprint – any traffic they were getting through organic search was branded. They had no domain authority, no on-page optimisation and no keyword strategy. Webtise developed a targeted keyword strategy, created optimised on-page content and metadata, as well as managing a blogger-based link acquisition strategy to increase the authority of the domain. The site now has a healthy organic search presence, and is ranking for a range of profitable non-brand keywords.

  • 242%

    increase in non-click revenue – 6 months leading to November

  • 65%

    increase in organic search traffic – 6 months leading to November


Bows Boutiques were not doing any paid advertising through Google. Although this represented a huge opportunity, the fashion sector is incredibly competitive and a highly targeted campaign had to be built and managed diligently to ensure that budget was most effectively being used to generate ROI. The PPC campaign that we developed for Bows Boutiques was already generating great results by month six.

  • 44%

    ROAS above client target

  • 13%

    of site revenue through PPC


Affiliate marketing can be a highly profitable digital channel for businesses in the fashion sector. However, creating and managing a cost effective campaign can be very challenging and time consuming. Webtise was able to use its experience and contacts to quickly make this new channel profitable, and it has since gone on to become a crucial part of the online marketing mix for Bows Boutiques.

  • 9%

    of site revenue through affiliates since campaign launch

  • 150+

    affiliates recruited onto the programme